"Tute ne gravas!"

Translation:It totally doesn't matter!

September 8, 2015



Is the sentiment of this sentence the same as "no problem!"

September 8, 2015


No, I don't think they're interchangeable.

You might say "Ne gravas!" if somebody spilled some milk and are really embarrassed about it, but "No problem!" sounds more like a response to a request to me.

September 9, 2015


Kia bona voĉaktoro!

September 23, 2015


It doesn't matter at all? Totally doesn't matter sounds so (totally) wrong in British English

November 18, 2017


It's a pretty American way of speaking. And as a Southerner, I wouldn't say this either. I'd probably say, "Don't worry about it," or "Whatever" with a ¯_(ツ)_/¯

March 13, 2019


I have the feeling that this is kind of English-Esperanto. I think that you need to know the use that English speakers make of "totally" in this context (like "at all" in a negative sentence) if you want to understand this sentence. For a speaker of romance languages, for instance, this use of "tute" doesn't make much sense.

December 24, 2017


True. I trying to figure it out how this sentence is the translation one. It's really weird.

March 13, 2018


Totally not important should work here as an answer right?

April 9, 2016


Totally not important was accepted for me

November 9, 2018


Is there a way to tell that "Totally does not matter" is wrong from looking at the help (translation) hover text or elsewhere in Duolingo?

December 20, 2015
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