The repetitiveness of strengthening is getting ridiculous.

I've been used to having the same three sentences pop up four or more times each per session for a while now. Lately, this seems to have been (mostly) fixed... Only to have been replaced by Duo picking just one word for me to practice. I just finished a session where 13 of the 24 or so sentences featured some variation on "große" — and none of them were even superlatives! It doesn't look like much when you put the numbers down - "it's only a little more than half" - but believe me, it feels like much more than that when you actually work through it.

The repetitive sentences hasn't gone away either - "he is very thirsty" came up twice in a row, in the same direction too.

Is this a known problem, or intended behaviour (maybe of a horrible A/B test)?

Sorry if this has already been covered - I could only find threads from 2+ years ago.

September 8, 2015


Is it the repetition that bothers you, or the choice of vocabulary you're getting? Repetition doesn't bother me in the least, as long as the frequency is intelligently chosen.

If Duolingo hammered me with the most common of the words with which I struggle, I'd be thrilled. Sadly, as it stands, the choice of words seems pretty arbitrary. There was a day a few months back, where I got quizzed over and over again to translate "cinnamon bun" from Swedish - meanwhile there are ubiquitous Swedish words I still struggle with (e.g.: common conjunctions, prepositions).

So for me, I'd like more repetition, but of the right kind. I.e.: out of the most commonly used words in a language, those I know the least well.

September 8, 2015

It's the repetition. I don't want to see the same word over and over and over and over in a single session even if it is the most important word in the language. Smaller-scale repetition would be fine if it was a word that I actually struggle with, but since that's impossible to qualify - Duo just shoots for words it thinks you've forgotten by now - less repetition would be the best option.

September 8, 2015

"that's impossible to qualify"

A button that says "Give me extra study for this word" would be a good start. At the moment, I keep a separate list on my phone for problem words.

September 9, 2015

It could be because the German from English course has a skill that has multiple variations of "große".

I'll contact the course moderators about if they can do something about it in the future. If you observe this issue in other skills as well, let us know :)

September 8, 2015

Thanks. I'm not sure that this is the problem though.

Firstly, this is just an example. I'm getting this problem with different words for about half of all sessions. Groß is simply the most recent issue for me.

As for the multiple versions of it-: Some of those don't show up in my words tab, and others are superlatives/comparitives/whatever the actual term is, which I said in the OP is not the problem. It was groß(-ending) that kept showing up, not größer or größten etc.

I was also under the impression that multiple declensions, conjugations, etc did not count as separate words even if displayed separately on the lessons list (unless that's a more recent development that is only affecting newer courses? I know the Polish team was talking about spending weeks at a time adding tense-based declensions that aren't counted towards new words or course progress). If they do then I'd think that that's a problem, because Duo would be teaching us "new" words when that's not at all the case. Especially with things like German adjectives, where the only difference is a single letter in the ending.

Unless the problem is that "groß" (for example) is actually counted as two or three different words because it's accepted as great, big, and tall, and the RNG is consistently giving me the lowest number of words to be tested, and just happening to select half of those from a pool of words that have exactly the same translation in German.

September 8, 2015

This has been an issue for quite a while now (at least a couple of months), ever since the change in ratio between the number of Target-language to English/English to target-language translation exercises was changed, I believe. (Which in itself was an unfortunate decision, but that's a discussion for another topic.) Strengthening sessions have become such a chore that I've been sticking exclusively to learning new skills, and my trees have deteriorated as a result. Also changed the daily goal I've been sticking to since joining Duolingo to 10 XP instead of 50.

The new word-pairing exercise on mobile has alleviated the problem somewhat, but often there are at least a couple of sentences that show up three times or more, and the web version is equally bad. Not only does it make reviewing too repetitive, but also less efficient as you encounter fewer different sentences per session.

If it is some sort of A/B test, I sincerely hope it's not a feature that is going to be implemented permanently.

September 8, 2015

It does seem to just grab a couple of random lessons and test the hell out of those, even if you' ace them. Meanwhile, it'll just pass on words you mess up and still tell you that you're "fluent." Hammering on stuff you suck at is one of the most basic lessons in learning language, so I can only conclude that the site just doesn't care.

Between that and other issues (the way that the computer-generated speech has the thickest accent ever and can never understand my words at all, and the way things are scored feels like getting a participation trophy at pee-wee softball), I'm considering just giving up and going elsewhere.

September 12, 2015

I too am having problems with repetition. I'm trying to learn Italian. I've been stuck in "phrases" (after level 2) for days. The app keeps making me "practice weak skills". I answer all of the questions correctly and I still can't get to the next level. I'm bored out of my mind. I will stop using this app & I will definitely not recommend it to anyone. I tried shutting off my phone & restarting the program. It didn't work. Both lesson 1 & 2 in level 2 have a tick mark beside the lesson number & both say redo. I did both lessons yet again & I also did the strengthen weak skills again. I got 100% right so I don't know what's wrong. I give up. I absolutely do not recommend this app.

September 9, 2015

Same issue with Spanish, and it is getting ridiculous- el come over and over and over endlessly as well as the same sentences with little change. I USED to love Duolingo but there are so many glitches; I do not credit for 20-40 correct answers each day, have to repeat the spoken ones twice everytime and often not getting credit; I have tried to contact with no response and this has been getting worse over this is a shame really.

May 18, 2017

I have observed this also. A few days ago I got to practice and strengthen my knowledge of the word 'zero' in French. Over and over and over and....

May 27, 2017
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