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"Sandwichs américains"

Translation:American sandwiches

January 3, 2013



why is it not "des sandwichs americains"?


it's not a part of a sentence so I don't think it matters


I agree with you - I got it as a translation from French to English so it was easy. I am convinced however, that if the question had been phrased the other way around, and I had given ‘sandwichs américains’ as the answer, it would have been given as wrong, with the correct translation ‘des .... etc’, because they have been pumping into us the rule that there virtually always has to be an article, du/de la/des for the indefinite. Ok, rant over!


You know, I had to think about this, but I think there is something in what you say...


How can you tell between the singular and the plural?


probably by looking at (listening to) the preceding article, which is missing here for some reason!


What are they? Hamburgers? Club sandwiches?


Where I am (French Alps) a 'sandwich americain' is a half baguette filled with hamburger meat, fries and salad.


The fries are in the sandwich? Huh. These cross-cultural cuisines can go a little off the rails. I don't know how familiar people outside of Canada are with poutine - it's a Québecois thing, fries and cheese curds with gravy. And here in my Italian neighbourhood of Vancouver, there is a shop selling poutine pizza - fries, cheese curds and gravy on a pizza crust. Never really felt tempted to try it.


I had a half baguette filled with a piece of sausage and fries one time in Marseille... delicious!! Yes, in the sandwich. How handy. ☺


Fries in your sandwich is a delicacy in Pittsburgh, which also happens to be Duolingo's hometown.


Looks delicious. Those sandwiches look like something that could be shared by two people they're so big... ;)


I'm an American in Oregon and I always see people put fries in their sandwiches! People put chips in their too. Grosses me out.


Hey, When I was a poor student in the '60s "Sausage butties" with an English banger, butter and HP sauce were a major part of my diet. One loaf, a dab of butter and a pound of sausages can feed 4 young guys. French toast with Rogers Syrup for desert Very cheap way to eat. I survived.


Here in Texas, there's a sushi place that sells "cowboy sushi" which has beef instead of fish.


I've never been there. Where is it? I'd like to try it!


Since I tried it for the first time, I ALWAYS put my fries on the burger. It's so good. The french just know how it's done.


Well I was brought up in Brum and chip butties were as much a part of life as burgers are currently.


Pittsburgh pa usa Google primanti's sandwich images


Wow, that sounds amazing! I'm a Montreal ex-pat, naturally :)

Poutine grilled cheese is my favourite.


We have a pub serving poutine in Wellington NZ


On Réunion Island it's a small baguette with a choice of fillings but commonly ham, chips (fries for the non-English among us) and cheese. AMAZING with bouchons aswell. Niam niam niam (nom nom nom)


I was wondering that, too.


I googled "Sandwichs américains". The recipe that came up in French was for a chicken salad with ham sandwich. Go figure.


An American Sandwich...


i also think it should be des sandwichs americains


Do we as English have German or French sandwiches? Gotta wonder where this came from. Aside from steak (New York strip, etc.) and French bread/toast/fries, we don't really have sandwiches with countries named after them.


Hamburger, Montreal Smoked Meat...I think the subject needs some research :) I suspect cities are more prevalent than countries in their naming. Cuban is the only countrywich I have encountered.


French Dip Sandwich, Baked Alaska, Monte Cristo,


Frankfurters a/k/a hot dogs


There's the French dip with au jus. Admittedly I'm not sure how French that actually is. It's thinly sliced beef on a sub sandwich-style bun. (just in case you weren't familiar with it). As for the fries, they aren't actually French, from what I understand.


I always get a kick out of "with au jus", which is indeed what it usually says on the menu. Our family can get pretty giggly when that happens, which can confuse innocent waitresses.


"Bonjour, monsieur! Would you like a sandwich?" "No thanks, I only eat-" puts on sunglasses "AMERICAN SANDWICHES" Eagle soars in background carrying American flag


There's no way to tell by listening whether it's singular or plural.


All the french nouns have articles before them so why not here???


This is the way it would be written on a sign at some café or restaurant. It's not a complete sentence.


In French-speaking Belgium, 'Filet américain' is also a mixure of raw ground beef with spices (much like steak tartare) and it is usually eaten with pickles, raw onions and ground pepper on a crispy bread roll. So I would normally probably translate this as 'sandwiches with filet americain'.


why "sandwichs americains" not " sandwichEs americainEs" ?


coming to theatres soon


I think you spelled sandwiches wrong


This is so irritating - but in a good way because I'm learning that there is not just one correct answer, despite what Duolingo seems to think! When I used to live in Provence, "des sandwichs americains" were open sandwiches, i.e. half a tranche of bread with a topping on it. But it seems like in different parts of the Francophonie, it's totally different. And I don't know what an American sandwich actually is. And in answer to some of the comments, I'm from Scotland and people here just LOVE chips (fries not crisps, although crisps will be used to) in a sandwich - actually they will put anything between two bits of bread and voila, you have lunch!


What is it with Duolingo and ruddy sandwiches? If I'm in France I'm not eating something as boring as that!


cough cough cough d-did i just see this comment??? an american sandwich is BORING to you?! Inhales sharply exhales


Les sandwichs gros pour les gros gens


Shouldn't the "n" in "américains" be pronounced? If so, that would help distinguish plural from singular by ear.


I haven't heard this one before. I've heard "American cheese" before, but not on Duo. For me this was a parody of that little phrase my friends stick at the end of "Lemonade". For anyone who wonders, it starts "lemonade, crunchy ice, beat it once, beat it twice," =D


Americans have their own type of sandwiches? Surely they are an English invention....


Thats the first time i ever heard letter R pronounced in French. Why is that?


?? Is that what Americans call a Sub??? hahaha whaaaat?


There is almost no hearing difference between a plural sentence and singular sentence in this case. Not very fair tbh.


The instruction I got was to "write this in French" Sandwichs américains". So I did, and of course, it was wrong! Quelle surprise!!


How can one tell by sound whether the words are singular or plural?


You cannot tell from listening whether it is singular or plural, so why does DuoLingo not put it in context or not mark it wrong when you can't tell or just not ask an ambiguous question that can only be a lucky guess to get it right????


As of today 23/12/17 it accepts the plural or singular in the listening exercise


Des sandwich latins sont les meilluers.


why not "sandwich americain"?



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