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List of Free Icelandic Online Resources!Check out!

Hey everyone, Here is a list of FREE Icelandic Language Learning Resources for those who are interested in learning this language ;)

For Begginers: 1)http://icelandiconline.is -> Online Icelandic Courses made by the University of Iceland!Your knowledge of Icelandic can be reached up to C1 level! 2)https://www.youtube.com/user/CoolIcelandicLesson/videos -> Video lessons of Icelandic 3)http://tungumalatorg.is/viltu_laera_islensku/en/n1/ -> Icelandic TV series which are designed for learning Icelandic! 4)http://tungumalatorg.is/ifa/bok-1/ -> Courses entirely in Icelandic 5)http://ielanguages.com/icelandic.html -> A reliable site for a lot of languages(Including ALL scandinavian languages and Faroese too!) stating the basic things for each language. 6)http://www.memrise.com/courses/english/icelandic/ -> Icelandic Courses by Memrise. Pronunciation: 1)http://forvo.com/languages/is/ 2)https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Icelandic/Alphabet_and_Pronunciation Radio and TV : 1)http://tunein.com/radio/Iceland-r101250/ 2)http://www.ruv.is/ -> The National Broadcaster of Iceland 3)http://www.ruv.is/ras1 -> Radio about News,Culture,Weather. 4)http://www.ruv.is/ras2 -> Radio about Music. Movies: 1)http://www.icelandiccinema.com/ For other Resources check these sites:

1)https://learnicelandicnow.wordpress.com/free-resources/ 2)http://www.omniglot.com/writing/icelandic.htm 3)http://kokothepolyglot.net/resources/icelandic/

There aren't many resources of Icelandic online,but I found as much as possible.Hope I helped you!!!! :)

September 8, 2015



Thanks for this! I've always wanted to learn a smidgen of Icelandic. I have a feeling with German, Spanish, French, Italian, Indonesian, and Chinese that it won't make my realistic priorities, but I do have that cliché attraction and wonder of the language that is said to be closest to Old Norse.


Icelandic is amazing,indeed! :)


Thank you so much for this! I've wanted to learn Icelandic for ages! Although, I still must learn to do a trilled R! Beautiful language.


Nothing :) You are welcome :)


I was just looking to see if Duo had Icelandic; thank you for sharing these resources!


When I came to terms with Duo not getting Icelandic any time soon, I found out my old Icelandic (and everything) haunt, LiveMocha, has gone away. Thanks so much for these leads!


you are welcome;)


This list is an absolute gem! thank you so much for posting this!


Clozemaster also has Icelandic practice sentences.


Thanks for the list, I found one that I liked. :D


Thank you!!!!!


Yes! Thank you!! :)


I've been looking for this kind of information for the longest time! Tusen takk for informasjonen og hjelpe


glad i helped you:)


Fantastic, thank you! Now I just need to figure out how to trill my Rs.




I'm trying to open a Q&A website on stackexchange for all nordic languages. Including Icelandic. It would really help if you participate in this Q&A website. https://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/113184/nordic-languages?referrer=UJwIZ3DtK9beNp88ckqOeg2


Not sure if it is only with me or not, but I have tried http://icelandiconline.is and all I got was a pre-registration lesson and then when I have tried to register I was told that my email is already taken, so naturally I clicked the 'forgot password' button only for them to tell me that this email has not been registered yet (also everything is in Icelandic, so I learned a few new words. But this is not the way I meant to learn it...). Has anyone had the same problem, and what shall I do? The description of the courses seems amazing and promising.


Not sure if I'm too late because I had the same problem. The website said that my e-mail address would have already be taken. But soon, I got an e-mail from that website telling me I had to activate my account by pressing the link in the e-mail. So maybe you then got an e-mail but didn't see it so that you weren't able to activate your account? If you're still interested in Icelandic, just try it again. It works (again?). :)



Thank you, I'll try it again. It is great news if the website works now!


I'm having the exact same problem, except that whenever I try to register an account, the page is redirected to an angry seagull telling me that I do not have the "authority" to do it. LOL When I go back to the website and try to register again, it proceeds to inform me that the e-mail is already taken, and trying to reset the password I'm informed that the e-mail is not registered to their site. It's possible that they are no longer registering any new accounts, but its more likely a bug: otherwise, I think they would clearly state that on the website. I'm trying to find a solution atm.


Good luck! I wrote them on Facebook 3 months ago and they still didn't reply. Someone told me that it was a professor at this university and his students who have started this all thing and that it is quite possible that they just don't work on it any longer. I have ended up trying to learn Old Norse here https://notendur.hi.is/haukurth/norse/ . It is said to be very similar to modern Icelandic. The lessons are great but still, it is easier to work not alone, so it is harder than learning with Duo. If you succeed with the Icelandic site, please do tell me!


Yeah, I'm starting to think that might be the case, sadly... Oh well, I hope they're at least working on it to bring it back online someday. I checked that website and liked it. Iceland is, indeed, very similar to Old Norse; in fact, it's almost the same grammar and vocabulary for common words, just like Faroese, afaik. I'll use it as my primary learning resource for the time being, and will look into proper Icelandic learning material later. Takk!


Thank you so much for the link! How is your learning going? I’m taking Norwegian, but I’d love to start with Icelandic and/or Old Norse in a near-ish future. How has your experience with it been going?


Hello! At the time I became busy with other things so my studies froze up, but now since there is quarantine and hence a lot of free time I plan on changing that :) Good luck with Norwegian!


Of course I’m sure I’d like to give one of my gems to this amazingly helpful person, Duolingo!!! Thank you SO MUCH for listing all these rss!!!!


Thank you! I've always really wanted to learn because I have a lot of Icelandic friends and have always wanted to understand them! This is very useful thank you :)


I think Mango Languages has a course for Icelandic, but it costs money to take the full courses. It still might be good for if you want to learn the basics.


THANK YOU! This post may be five years old, but as Icelandic is such a beautiful language to me, I want to learn it. Thank you for giving me that opportunity.


Að vissu marki, ég get talað sænsku, dönsku, norsku, smá litháísku, pólsku, íslensku, og mjög smá þýsku, rússnesku, spænsku, og svo framvegis. Ég eingöngu tala reiprennandi ensku.

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