"Nos chapeaux"

Translation:Our hats

January 3, 2013

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soooooo .. mouse over chapeaux says the word could mean hoods.
But if you write hoods you get it wrong. Which makes sense because I was born with the knowledge that this is the case.

Possible adding a tad more information on the translations or filtering them out depending on the exercise might help people from losing hearts(hope).


I think Duo is trying to get across that French words just like English words have more than one meaning. But for the sake of simplicity Duo trains you on the most common definitions.

Which, of course, is exactly what I want them to do.


This is the first time I've encountered a plural word that doesn't end in S and it isn't explained at all!


Words that end with eau take x not s to indicate plural.


Did you read the Tips & Notes?


what's the difference between "nos" and "notre"? (btw, does "notreS" exist?)


"notre" goes with singular nouns (notre maison = our house) "nos" goes with plural nouns (nos chiens = our dogs)

This link give some explanation and a nice chart if you scroll down some. http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/adjectives_possessive.htm


i donĀ“t hear the difference between "nous" and "nos". anybody can explain me? thanks


I can't speak for the DuoLIngo voice, but in general "nous" has the same vowel sound as "tooth" or "hoot" (speaking American English) while "nos" rhymes with "know," "toe," (it sounds almost exactly like our English negative "no").


Oh, wait, you said "hear". I'm sorry, since I don't have the auditive settings I can't help you.


so OUR (me and my sister's) HAT is NOTRE CHAPEAU, and OUR (me and my sister's multiple hats) HATS is NOS CHAPEAUX (meaning nos is plural because hats is plural)???

but WHAT IF, you were in a room with a group of college graduates and you wanted to indicate ALL OF OUR HATS like saying "lets throw OUR (group of people's) Hats" Is that still NOS CHAPEAUX??


Is there a difference in pronunciation between "chapeau" and "chapeaux"? Or are the two pronounced the same, leaving one to figure out which is being used based on context (e.g., if "nos" is used, it will more likely be the plural, as in "our hats," rather than the unlikely, but not impossible, "our [shared] hat")?

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There is no difference in pronunciation. If "nos" is used it will absolutely be plural, "our hats". "Our hat" would be "notre chapeau."

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