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"He has a book and a newspaper."

Translation:Tá leabhar agus nuachtán aige.

September 8, 2015



Could i have a direct translation please?


Have - book - and - newspaper - at him


it is more similar to, Is - book - and - newspaper - at him


I am losing on this sentence no matter how i put it in it is wrong


this is right, learn different dialects


Its one of the hardest european languages to learn


I'm surprised that, having abandoned this Irish course for months, that I still remember so much! (Also, if you think Irish is hard, try Duolingo's Japanese course!)


日本語は難しくないです。 Irish is much harder for me but i'm not giving up yet...


When Irish idioms are simply beautiful.


Can some tell me how to learn the sentence structure?, it would really help


You should read the Tips & Notes associated with each lesson on the website - click the light-bulb icon in the popup when you select a skill. The sentence structure and the way to say "have" in Irish are covered in the Notes of the first 3 skills in the course.

You can access these Tips & Notes in the browser on a mobile device too, even if you are using one of the various Duolingo apps.


I translated the sentence correctly but I got it wrong


If you believe that Duolingo is malfunctioning, then take a screenshot that demonstrates the problem, and submit it with a bug report, with full details of the platform that you're using (device, app version, browser version, screen resolution, etc).


When my irish translation is incorrect i wish there was a way to see what i did write so i could understand my mistake


Are you using Duolingo on a phone, a tablet or in a web browser on a desktop or laptop computer?The answer you submitted is normally displayed when you get your response.


I have the same experience as Kelly7299241. I can’t see what I wrote so that I can see what I got wrong. As soon as I press submit, my answer turns a light grey color which is hard to read and is usually partly or completly covered by the correct/incorrect pop-up window. The same thing happens in all my other courses. I’m using the browser version on an iPhone, not the app.


This is what a wrong answer looks like in the browser on my phone:

I've never seen anything like what you're describing, so I have no suggestion for how you should deal with it. And realistically, the Sentence Discussion for "He has a book and a newspaper" isn't really the best place to look for advice like this - you'd be better off posting in the Troubleshooting forum.


when do you use Tá at the beginning of the sentence?


You use at the beginning of the sentence when is the appropriate verb for that sentence - the basic structure of an Irish sentence is Verb-Subject-Object.

Irish doesn't have a verb that means "have", it uses the tá ... ag to express the same idea - tá X ag Y - "Y has X". Therefore is the appropriate verb for this exercise, and it goes at the beginning of the sentence.


Do 'aige/aici' include, in theory linguistic journey, 'sé/sí'?

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