Latin is the base of most of the worlds words, but there is not a single place in the world where it is the native language. I have heard about people putting in ideas for languages, and I have seen the incubator, but I don't know how to start new languages. Help?

September 8, 2015


It is not the base of most of the worlds languages, only the base of some of European languages (the romance languages). It is not the base of most of the Eastern and far eastern languages and many others.

There has been many requests for Latin on Duo and someday I am sure it will be but just now Duo seems to have other priorities.

Why would Duo's priorities determine whether a new language enters the Incubator? I thought the only requirement for starting a new language is for volunteers to, uh, volunteer.

I agree but Duo needs to provide them with resources to work with and to supervise the process.

I would love to learn latin!

It would be nice to have Latin on Duolingo. Most European languages have Latin roots.

I learn Latin at school for 5 years and you are right: most words are based on Latin! But it is sooooo hard to learn it,so much Grammatik!( and excuse my bad English,i am German...)

Have a look at this for now- her lessons are excellent

I think Vatican City uses Latin for official documents (besides ancient Latin texts on the walls) but most likely everyone there will use Italian to communicate

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