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Esperanto word list

I started learning Esperanto last weekend and I noticed there is not word list in the menu (Home, activity, discussion). I made a little start in German too, and with German you can look up all the words you've learned in every lesson and was wondering if this will be available for Esperanto any time soon. I think it will be very helpful.

I'm still kind of new to DuoLingo so I'm not sure how it will be added, but if it needs help from us, I'll be glad to help out!

Thanks for reading.

September 8, 2015



Hi SirExotic, have you ever looked at the Memrise flashcard system? lazar.ljubenovic has prepared a set of flashcards linked with the Duolingo Esperanto course, so that you can see the new words in each lesson. http://www.memrise.com/course/709970/duolingo-esperanto-5/

Memrise has a good system of space repetition, which I find a great help in using Duolingo.

There is also a fantastic Memrise Duolingo German course: http://www.memrise.com/course/335725/comprehensive-german-duolingo-vocabulary/


Dankegon pro la ligilon!


To the best of my knowledge, the "Words"/flashcards section will not be added to any more languages. The ones that have it will keep it, though.

There are tricks for how you can access that section even if there is no menu item, but it's not officially supported and can be a bit wonky.


Hi mizinamo,

thanks for this info. Would you have a reference (to another discussion or anything) about that?
I know what you're describing is the case for Immersion, but first time I hear it about Words/Flashcards.


Here is a trick I learned from some other discussion about how to access a list of words studied in a DL language that doesn't have a word link at the top of screen. Keep in mind there may be quirks to it, since Mizinamo says it's not officially supported. As one might suppose, Duolingo seems to keep track of words you are learning and when you last encountered them for its learning algorithms, even if there isn't a link. You just need a back door way to access that info.

You need to open Duolingo to a language that has a word link, like German. I just did this in a browser window (in desktop view, because I am doing it on my phone). Hit the word link, and it will display words you learned in that language. Now open Duolingo in another browser window or tab. Doesn't have to be desktop view. Now set that window to Esperanto (or other language without the word link). Then go back to the first window, which should follow you into the newly selected language, but retain the word link. It may take a moment, but the words learned in that language should display (though the table heading will still say the first language!). If not, hit the word link again.

In the main table, it only displays words you have already studied, plus how many days ago, and a strength status graphic. If you touch / click on a particular word, a translation should pop up for most words. That and and the associated skill for that word will be displayed in a secondary table to the right. Click the details button there and you may see an example.

You can easily copy and paste the first two columns from the first table, that is the words themselves and the last time seen to a spreadsheet or document. The time usually pastes in a separate spreadsheet column from the word. Because the translations don't copy (unless you want to do them one by one), you can use Google translate on chunks of the column, paste the translations in another column, and check & edit translations that don't match what you learned.

I know the question was asked long ago, but perhaps someone else may benefit from the info that helped me.


I'm afraid I don't have a reference to hand - this is from memory.


Since they recently made changes on Words/Flashcards, I'd bet this feature is not "not anymore developed" in which case it's meant to be added to all courses (but it takes time of course).


Thank you so much! This will be very helpful

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