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"Trenle nereye gidiyoruz?"

Translation:Where are we going by train?

3 years ago


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I translated this as "Where are we going with the train?" I think this makes sense in some contexts.

Two bandits rob a train and take control of the engine room. One says to the other, "Where are we going with the train?"

Two children playing with toy trains. Child #1 carries one off with an unknown purpose. Child #2 asks, "Where are we going with the train?"

Et cetera.

3 years ago


You are right. However, I believe hijacking trains is not that common nor do grown-ups carry trains in their hands. It implies being passengers, as what we generally do, you'd be correct if it was otherwise, though.

3 years ago


where are we going to by train? - why is it not right?

7 months ago