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  5. "Trenle nereye gidiyoruz?"

"Trenle nereye gidiyoruz?"

Translation:Where are we going by train?

September 8, 2015



I translated this as "Where are we going with the train?" I think this makes sense in some contexts.

Two bandits rob a train and take control of the engine room. One says to the other, "Where are we going with the train?"

Two children playing with toy trains. Child #1 carries one off with an unknown purpose. Child #2 asks, "Where are we going with the train?"

Et cetera.


You are right. However, I believe hijacking trains is not that common nor do grown-ups carry trains in their hands. It implies being passengers, as what we generally do, you'd be correct if it was otherwise, though.


Isn't "with the train" and "by train" the same?


where are we going to by train? - why is it not right?


Half expecting it to be rejected, I wrote "where are we taking the train". And it was. But I think this is how it would be said in English, at least some, if not most of the time.


with the rain - wrong.
by the train - wrong.

is it really that sensitive? i mean i dont see any difference in meaning - specially with a language that doesnt have a definite article in the first place

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