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Documentary film with simple English/Esperanto subtitles

One useful way of finding Esperanto material is Bittorrent. You can download a silent-film era Soviet documentary "Fall of the Romanov Dynasty", where all the text narration is in both English and Russian. Like most silent films, it uses very short sentences or simple words. If history is interesting to you, and you want to try to follow the narrative in Esperanto, the BT link is: http://kat.cr/esperanto-the-fall-of-the-romanov-dynasty-1927-t1130148.html

September 8, 2015



A fascinating resource; thank you!

This brings to mind a thought I've had, in that it would be both great practice and a good means of spreading the lingvo by providing Esperanto subtitles/titlecards for silent films, especially the classics such Battleship Potemkin and Nosferatu.


Had a bit of a discussion about this on the Esperanto subreddit. My thesis was that it's curious that more films aren't subtitled in Eo, and that the public domain films aren't dubbed. People point out though that it's quite a lot of work either way, and that for dubbing, you really need expertise and talent- although a couple of people did an Esperanto dub of a BW film and I was blown away by the quality.


Which actually drove my thoughts on silent film. The titlecards would be a lot less labour intensive than trying to sub or dub a full length talkie. It would be a starting point, in any case.

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