"An bhfuil Meiriceá Thuaidh ar an léarscáil?"

Translation:Is North America on the map?

September 8, 2015

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Didnt hear the an in an leirscoil


I still can't hear it :( Guess it'll come with time.


Several times in the past few days, I have the correct answer (in exercises where you pick whole words from a group), but Duolingo marks it wrong. It happened twice in a row just now. And there is no way to "report" this - none of the options they offer fit this situation. Is there something wrong with my set up? I think it has happened both when I use a tablet and on a laptop. Anyone else have this happen??


That's not a "reportable" issue because it's not an issue with the Irish course, it's a problem with Duolingo. The Irish course doesn't create the "word banks", the Duolingo engine does that itself, and if there's a bug in the way Duolingo picks the word banks, then you need to take a screenshot and submit a bug report.

Posting your screenshot to the Troubleshooting forum might help raise visibility for these issues.


Thanks very much for responding. I did do a bug report with screenshot, and will add new screenshots when it recurs. If I can find the time and figure out how, I will post on the Troubleshooting forum too. My laptop crashed, so I'm doing everything on my tablet at the moment! Harder for me to do all that on this device.

I don't know if it's a problem with the way it picks the words in the word banks - I'm ignorant about how it works, but it seems like there's a bug in the checking mechanism. But the same question works fine when they make me do it the 2nd time!


Took me a while to realize, that the word order of north America and united States words is of course the other way around in Irish, because the adjective always comes after the noun.


On the other hand, Nua Shéalainn and Nua Eabhrac ignore the usual placement for adjectives, though it's notable that foclóir.ie skirts the usual adjective order by using a hyphen, though the hyphen doesn't usually show up in real life!


There's a few instances where it doesn't, though. sean- is a big one, as is droch-. Though I guess it could be argued those are prefixes instead of adjectives.


Many times i get the wrong answer when it is correct but in different word order. E. G people run at 1AM and at 1AM people run

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