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" smacht ag na heagraíochtaí."

Translation:The organizations have control.

September 8, 2015



Cheap mé nach raibh sé cosúil le sin ach i Meiriceá Thuaidh.


This is another situation where my answer: "The organizations are in control" shows I understand the Irish sentence but was marked incorrect. So is this a test of knowledge in Irish or not?


It doesn't show that you understand the Irish sentence. It shows that you recognized the words smacht and na heagraíochtaí, but there's nothing to show that you understood the intent of the sentence, rather than just guessing what an English sentence that contained "control" and "the organizations" might mean.

The system has no way of knowing whether you didn't translate the sentence as given because you understand the Irish sentence or because you took a punt based on recognizing some of the words. The only thing that it knows for sure is that you didn't translate the sentence as given.

Ironically, the solution to your problem would involve increasing Duolingo's English vocabulary, not its Irish vocabulary. If Duolingo ever expends resources on the Irish course again, I sincerely hope that they won't spend them on expanding the available English answers.


Nó, chun an fhírinne a rá, an bhfuil smacht ag na corparáidí?


Ceapaim go bhfuil "le fírinne" nó "chun an fírinne a dhéanamh" i bhfad níos fear ná "chun an fírinne a rá". Is Béarlachas é an ceann sin.


Ó Dónaill gives chun an fhírinne a rá - "to tell the truth" as an example in the FGB entry for chun.


That might have been more accurately translated as ”(in order) to tell the truth”. The FGB also gives

An fhírinne a dhéanamh, to tell the truth, be truthful. Inis an fhírinne, tell the truth.

so there seems to be some flexibility with the choice of verb.


chun na fírinne a rá, would also be common


Grma. Ba mhór an chabhair thú.


Níl an rialtas ach puipéad chun na heagraíochtaí a bheith ag sugradh leis. Sin é an nádúr de caipitleachas.

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