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  5. "Я лікар!"

"Я лікар!"

Translation:I am a doctor!

September 8, 2015



In Bulgarian, doctor is "лекар" :-)


In Polish "lekarz" ;-)


Same in Czech "lékař" / "doktor".


He licks wounds. Likar. Лікар.


Normally "lick your wounds" is understood as YOUR OWN wounds, and figuratively. But hey, "alternative medicine" and whatnot...

Reminds me of a joke: "What do you call an alernative medicine that works?" ............................."Medicine"


Unsanitary, but if that floats your boat...so crazy it's memorable. So thanks I guess.


Лікар хто :P


Is "Doctor who" seriously translated like that? O.o


No, it's "Доктор Хто" xD
Лікар is only MD. "House M.D.", however, is also "Доктор Хаус"


Доктор Хто seems almost just as bad. It's translating word for word a grammatical construction into the language that has no literal equivalent of said construction (I think)...
In Polish Doctor Who used to be called Doktor Kto as well but now at last it's usually left unchanged and remains "Doctor who" or "Doktor who".


"Star Trek" is known here by both "Стар Трек" and "Зоряний шлях". Catwoman and Spiderman is translated, but Batman and Superman aren't :D It's really hard to see the logic here. But the thing is, Batman is really like his "name", it's what everyone calls him. And, as far as I know, the Doctor Who hero is called just Doctor, it's not part of his name


Oh, well, all the movie/TV show/book titles are translated here. "Доктор Ху" was used by one of the channels, but it's not a popular variant at all and in my opinion it's just the wierdest thing. While "доктор хто" isn't what we really usually say, Доктор Ху doesn't mean anything at all, doesn't convey any message, it looks like his last name is Ху which is not. BTW, the phrase "доктор хто?" is in the series. Latin letters are used only for some big companies (like Google or Apple)

It's quite complicated topic, however, what to translate and how to translate. So these are just my thoughts


Actually, in the most recent series, The Master reveals that, when he was a child, he changed his name to Doctor Who because it was mysterious.


Doctor Who is a question. It is the response to 'He is The Doctor.' - 'Doctor Who?'


I was just making it up. :)


As a mild Whovian, I'd say it would also make sense to translate it as "Який Доктор" in some cases, but as the name of series that wouldn't make sense.


In Ukrainian, you can also say "Я лікарка." if you're a female doctor, and "Я є лікар." if you're a male doctor.


Is є also used for 1 p, sg? In the past the conjugation of ѥсти (to be) was - ѥсмь (I am), ѥсси (Thou art), ѥстъ (He/She/It is).


Would it be just as okey to say доктор?

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