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  5. "Enten i dag eller i morgen"

"Enten i dag eller i morgen"

Translation:Either today or tomorrow

September 8, 2015



Is that the right pronunciation of "enten" ?


It's a little bit choppy, but the fundamentals are right.


If I am not mistaken, do Norwegians (If it matters I mean the Oslo dialect) pronounce their "T"s in the middle of words like the british do (So basically non existent)? Example: water in american english is pronounced "Wadder" while in british english it is pronounced "wa-er". I don't know if this is how they actually pronounce the "T" but that's the sterotype for how brits speak in USA.


Brits most definitely do pronounce the T. Having said that, there are various regional accents which will swallow the T as a glottal stop (the London accent is a good example of this - think Eliza Dolittle: "the wa(t)er in Majorca don'(t) tas(t)e like wha(t) i(t) ough(t)a").


Even with no t? Sounds like 2 seperate words.


So in the morning (i morgen) doesnt mean in the morning. It always means tomorrow? How do you say in the morning then?


i morgen = tomorrow
om/på morgenen = in the morning
i morgen tidlig = tomorrow morning


Enten vs heller in non-abstract phrases?

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