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  5. "Sugar? No, no sugar."

"Sugar? No, no sugar."

Translation:Цукор? - Ні, без цукру.

September 8, 2015



Why can't you use немає instead of без?


Depends on context. It is possible to use немає. Send a report.


Sugar? No, no sugar - WHERE is here reason to use word без? translation does not fit this sentence!


Because we don't say something like "ні цукру" when we don't want any sugar! When you don't want sugar or there's no sugar in the drink (for example), you say "без цукру". When there's no sugar left, you say "немає цукру"


I totally understand that, but how can anybody know it is all said because I don't want sugar? There is no context, so all I can do is translate it literally as it goes... It should not be based upon quessing the context... ("Sugar? No, without sugar" - what's wrong about making it this way?)


There are things that are impossible in any context, that's why. This sentence depending on the context has two possible translations, both of which are accepted here.


”немає цукру” is still not accepted. Reported 2016 May 04.

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