Cümlenin Çevirisi

"Çevrede ahşap kulübeler ve ağaçlarla kaplı yüksekçe tepeler vardı " Which is the translation of this sentence ? I can't put the words in order into my mind for to be sure about the translation of this sentence !

Şimdiden teşekkürler ! ^^

3 years ago


I think ""There was high hills covered with wooden cottages and trees around me.""

3 years ago
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My attempt at translating this: "Around (me/us) were high hills covered with trees and (wooden chalets/small wooden houses)"

3 years ago

Because it says "ahşap kulübeler" and not "ahşap kulübelerle" you should be saying that: "Around, there were wooden cottages and high hills covered with trees." Cottages are not on those hills and certainly not covering the hills like trees do :)

3 years ago

Size çok teşekkür ederim ! ^^

3 years ago
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