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Could educators remove access to "flirting lessons" bonus?

Thank you again to those who have made DuoLingo accessible for schools--it is a wonderful find for my classrooms.

I understand that DuoLingo was not initially developed for schools, so there are some aspects that are more appropriate for an adult audience. I teach elementary school children, and I would like ask whether teachers could have the option to remove the bonus lesson (found in the Lingot Store as well as when bonus skills appear) that offers to teach users how to flirt in French, since that is not appropriate for an elementary classroom setting. Thank you.

September 8, 2015



You might look at the idioms bonus skill also. I quit out of it after too many idioms for hangovers.


On a different note, How can I delete unwanted languages in my profile?


I agree, that would be very helpful. I also teach middle school and some of them become distracted by it (as well as distracting other students!).


Those would not be appropriate - anything related to flirting, hangovers, etc. in a high school setting either. Please remove those.


Perhaps teachers should be less concerned about what's "appropriate" and more concerned about how they can engage their students. If students are interested enough to learn more than what's required of them, that should be celebrated and rewarded.


exactly. and let's not act oblivious to the fact that high schoolers are well aware of topics like this


I have to agree, I have gotten emails from parents asking why I am encouraging my fourth graders to learn words like "sexy" in their Spanish Duolingo lessons. The students have been warned away from the flirting lesson, but it would be easier if educators could restrict access to these types of lessons until the students are older and more mature. It would be better and less discouraging to simply block access to these lessons with age-inappropriate content, rather than needing to verbally dissuade my students from learning new things!


I see the space for me to buy those two lessons (flirting & idioms) in my personal Duolingo account, but I do not see that option yet on my teacher account. Is it possible they are not available for school, because that would be great.


Are you taking the same course with both accounts?
If not, it's probably simply that the course you're following with your "teacher account" hasn't any bonus skill.


Please remove the flirting bonus option! It's inappropriate for the students I teach!


Thank you, DuoLingo team for implementing the option to hide the flirting bonus! I saw that the bonus is now hidden when you click the option to hide "mature words." It will make things much simpler in the classroom! Now I won't be worried about parents contacting me to ask why their children are being taught those kinds of words in my classroom.

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