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  5. "Where are the numbers?"

"Where are the numbers?"

Translation:Sayılar nerede?

September 9, 2015



Questions are driving me mad.. Why isn't it nerede sayılar? When do we put the quest. Word at the beginning and when at the end?!!!


"the numbers" is the subject of this sentence. It must be first.

Think about how you would ask this question if you were really excited in English (The numbers are WHERE?!?!). This is a great way to figure out where the question word will go in Turkish. If it stays at the beginning, the question word should be at the beginning. If it moves, it won't be at the beginning in Turkish.


Hm, but I would say "WHO ate my cake?" but "Pastamı KİM yedi?".


"Kim pastamı yedi" is also valid :)


But not quite as emphatic as placing the question word before the verb, right?


Exactly (and what you wrote is more common)


Pastamı yiyenin allah belasını versin


I get it that the question word isn't necessarily at the beginning of a sentence or phrase, but at the place where the answering word in the reply would be (at least that is how I understood so far). However, isn't a locative usually at the beginning of a sentence?


That depends on the purpose of the locative.

Masanın üstünde kitap var. There is a book on top of the table.

Kitap masanın üstünde. The book is on the table.

The first sentence answers the question, What is on the table? And the new information is near the end.

The second sentence answers the question, Where is the book? And again the new information is near the end.

So it depends on whether the location is new information or old.

Here, you've been talking or thinking about the numbers already but not about their location -- that is the thing you wish to discover and so it goes near the end.


Guys, what's the difference between "Sayılar" and "numara"? (thx) :* ®


Numara is mostly used for phone numbers, ID numbers etc.


I am not english but i indonesian people so how to learn the turkish language in duolingo using indonesian?


It is not yet possible.

Many languages are only available to learn from English.

If you can find a group of five or six people who speak Turkish and Indonesian fluently and who have the time and inclination, they can apply to start a "Turkish from Indonesian" course on Duolingo. Then after they have worked on the course for six to twelve months, possibly more, there will be such a course.

All new courses are made by volunteers, not by Duolingo (the company).


Quick shout out to all the AMAZING contributors who have created Duolingo courses and made FREE language education a possibility for anyone with internet access! What you all are doing is changing people's lives!!!

There are not enough words in any language to express my gratitude for your time and efforts!!!


Yes. It's fantastic


Why is "Sayılar neredeler" wrong?


-lAr is only used with people.


"Where are the numbers?" Translation: Sayılar nerede?


"Numaralar nerede?" Başka doğru Türkçe cevap.

Answered on the 22/10/2018


Sayıları... is it wrong ?


Yes, it's wrong.

That means either "his numbers" (or "her numbers", "its numbers", "their numbers", "their number"), or it's an attempt to use the accusative case -- but "the numbers" is the subject in this sentence, not an object, and so cannot be in the accusative case.


I didnt understand the mean of this sentence...which numbers?.....what is the mean of numbers?....please help me


Numbers= 1,2,3,4,5,etc.

You are asking where they are (maybe on a keyboard or a page of a book or something)


i am gonna ask a question that may seem stupid for some of you, for the people who answer the questions here,where the hell did u learn the rules of language & grammar,every time i am here in the comment section i feel like i'm missing a lot of stuff although i am doing well in duolingo's level,the thing is in duolingo there is no lessons to learn the rules,however all people in here seem to know them,am i missing something ?


I had the same problem before, must of people are using the phone app , which gives you a limited options , but if you log in the duolingo site from a phone browser ( with activating the desktop option ) or a computer you will have more options like discussions and hints .


What about: sayi neredeler?


Is it just me, or is this question sorta pointless??




It's just you. I cancelled a dislike to your comment. Delete your comment & I will delete mine too. My comment may cancel if you delete yours.

Or just leave it?

Thank you.


I am sorry, you must have misunderstood me... My comment wasn't a reply to @turkey1260

I was basically asking if the sentence "Where are the numbers?" (Which is the discussion topic) was going to be used in Turkish, or if I wouldn't hear it being used in Turkey...

I am sorry that you misunderstood my comment, I would never post a hate comment on the forum!

Thank you for your time, and your kind reminder

Thank you.



Rica ederim!


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