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"Ni reklamu la aferon en la interreto."

Translation:Let's publicize the thing on the internet.

September 9, 2015



"Let's publicize the thing..." is not something I would say as a native English speaker. I tried to translate it as "Let's publicize it...", but that was not accepted.


As a native English speaker with a bit more time spent in advertising than may be good for me, "Let's publicize the thing…" feels very natural.

"Hey, we're having an event!"
"Well, let's publicize the heck out of the thing."


Yeah sorry, but... advertising...


I know, which is why I got out of that field.


Hej! Buboj! Ni faru teatron!


Ĉu ĝustus se oni dirus sur la interreto anstataŭ en la interreto?


I think prepositions are usually interpreted as literally as possible. Sur means literally on top of.


—Ĉu la afero? —Jes! La afero. —La afero? Ĉu vi volas diri "tio"? —Jes, tio... —Ho Dio mia! —Ho Dio mia!


Could this also have the meaning of "Let's take the thing from the Internet and advertise it."?

Would "per" be a better choice than "en"?


I think "per" is also fine here.

I don't think this sentence would be proper to use for "Let's take this thing from the Internet and publicize it", that should be different like these to be more clear:

Ni ... el la interreto

Ni ... aferon tiun kiu ni interrete trovis

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