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"Kiom da ĵurnalistoj laboras por via gazeto?"

Translation:How many journalists work for your newspaper?

September 9, 2015



None, they just copy and paste stuff from the internet.


Define reporter.


So, in this sentence, "gazeto" means a "newspaper company"?


Am I the only one getting a lot of these "type what you hear" exercises but then there is no audio? It's really quite strange. Been happening ever since the recent update. And yes, I reported it, but the report system doesn't allow me to provide much detail.

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Could you use "verkas" here? Since I assume the journalists are working as writers, not washing floors.


If you have to mentally think of verki as related to "work" -- think of it as related to the noun, not the verb. Your suggestion would make sense, perhaps, if you wanted to say that they're producing works, but not if you want to say they're working.

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