"Les enfants lisent les noms des animaux."

Translation:The children read the animals' names.

January 3, 2013

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can "the children read the names of some animals" be a good translation?


Nothing but crickets from the devs after five years. I was marked incorrect for this answer as well.


The correct translation in English should be either: The children read the names of the animals. (Best) or The children read the animal names. (Better) or The children read the animals' names. (Good) None of those were options! :(


Right! 'Animal' must be used in possessive adj form (ie either animal's or animals') or as a compound noun form in singular form (ie animal names). It is technically wrong in English to make it a plural


It seems like there are many case where the plural does not necessarily invoke des. For example beaucoup is always followed by de. There was an example "nombre de" - no des. I guess these are exceptions.


I write "the children read the animal names" because in that case "animal" is a general term. It said I was wrong because i should have used the plural possessive (animals') but i think they mean exactly the same thing


i agree. 'animal' is a pronoun here... And i cannot see other equivalent translation to french

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    Interesting...I submitted the exact translation listed above and Duolingo says my "animals' " should be simply "animals." Very interesting.

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