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Dual linguists

Can I follow students in two languages on the Dashboard? When I tried to get them to join two classes they disappeared from the first one.

September 9, 2015


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That's a great idea, but I don't believe that you can currently have a single student in multiple classes, unfortunately.

If you set a classroom language to "no specific language" you can view course progress made by students in all of the languages they are studying, although it could definitely be considered more cumbersome than being able to sort language progress across different rooms depending on how many students you have and what number of courses they are doing.


Not yet. But we are thinking of ways to allow that. Can you describe your scenario to us? :]


I've set up Duolinguo classes but two of my senior pupils study both French and Spanish so I can't follow their progress in both languages which I would like to be able to do.


I have a similar scenario. I have one student doing French, Spanish and German, others doing French and Spanish, and some only doing one language. However, I only have one class per language and I would love to have the students with multiple languages added to more than one class.

To assign a non-specific classroom to the ones learning more than one language will be very tiresome after a certain point (numbers...) is reached and is simply not practical.

Please add this feature as soon as possible (sharing of progress in multiple classrooms). Thanks!

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