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English learning English?

would it be possible for a program to be created for English speakers learning English? I think this program would be very beneficial for students to learn verb, nouns, to/too/two, ect. These topics have fallen by the wayside and could use a competitive boost!

September 9, 2015



The Duolingo platform isn't really meant for this. It's set up to teach one language using another language. It seems like a lot of work would be required from the Duolingo team to support this and it doesn't look like it's the direction in which the team is heading.


That would be awesome!


It would be really beneficial for ESL teachers, like myself, as well. Especially since I have kids with native languages that are not offered, like Samoan, who have some degree of English proficiency but still need a lot of work and practice. I don't want to make them try to learn an additional language while they are focusing on their English just because their own language isn't offered.


I agree. I have Rosetta Stone and Duolingo. I, and most of my students prefer Duolingo. I have many students who are not able to read and write in their native languae so setting their language to that is detrimental. Perhaps we could opt out of reading and writing portions?

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