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"The boy is putting the cup on the floor."

Translation:Gutten legger koppen på gulvet.

September 9, 2015



Oh, ok. Thats new. You dont put something somewhere. You lay it.


More news: You can also sit it... Gutten setter koppen på gulvet. In the example when it's lain the cup has ended up on it's side or something (it's laying on the floor). If he sits it it's usually the right way (the cup is then standing on the floor).

Of course, if the object is a newspaper it's always laid, unless it got wet in the mail box and froze, then you can stand it if you want to make a statement. Some objects can both stand and lay, others will mostly (preferably) do just the one hence using the other term (like my standing newspaper) will tell you something exciting has happened (it's frozen). Bottles should be standing, if they're not you should clean up.

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