"Your friend wrote the possibilities on a page and I read them."

Translation:Scríobh do chara na féidearthachtaí ar leathanach agus léigh mé iad.

September 9, 2015

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Duo has two answers marked correct: one ending "léigh mé iad" and the other "léim iad." Isn't the second one incorrect? It would either mean "they jumped" or "I read (present tense) them," neither of which seems to be what Duo is really looking for. Or did I miss something?


Because of lack of context, léim as 'i read' (present) should be accepted.


If léim iad were intended to mean “they jumped”, then the phrase would have been léim siad ; léim iad would be the ungrammatical “jumped them” without a subject, so léim iad must mean “I read them”.


Sure enough! My mistake.

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