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"Here is a bag and here is a backpack."

Translation:Ось сумка, а ось рюкзак.

September 9, 2015



Why is 'Ось' used instead of 'Тут'... The rule is/are???


You can also use "тут".

"Тут" literally means "here". "Ось" is used with the feeling of "here you are", when you are showing/giving something to someone. It's similar to the Italian "ecco".


Can't I say 'Ось сумка і ось рюкзак'? I used 'i' instead of 'a' and it was marked as wrong.


I looked it up and found out that using "а" in Ukrainian is using the word "and" to contrast different objects. As above: One object is a bag and the other is a different object, a backpack. That's why "а" is being used here. But of course, using "і" is not wrong. I just started the Russian course and discovered that Russian is like this too.


Thanks. Yes, it is like that in Russian, and I was sure that it is the same in Ukrainian, but when it was marked wromg I began to doubt)


I'm not sure what that would mean. That both are in the same location? Basically, "Here are the bag and the backpack"? (Ось сумка і рюкзак)

It really sounds wrong and weird to me. If we repeat "here" twice, it means those are different places, and therefore "а"... No matter how I pronounce the sentence with "і", it sounds off. Are you sure?


Why is tyt incorrect?


I guess if you're spelling "тут" using Latin transliteration, it should be "tut"

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