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"For some reason, my head only hurts in the morning."

Translation:Mia kapo ial doloras al mi nur matene.

September 9, 2015



Pli trinki, malpli drinki.


why not 'mia kapo ial nur doloras al mi matene'


I got dinged for the same thing. It probably makes more sense to put "nur" in front of "matene" since that's what it describes. It's not like we're saying "My head only hurts in the morning; it doesn't do anything else" :)

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Exactly. English speskers allow "only" to move around more than we should. 》 My head only hurts in the morning. = my head does nothing but hurt (no thinking) in the morning 》 My head hurts only in the morning. = "in the morning" is the only time my head hurts


"For some reason" I keep forgetting to add that my head hurts <ME> (not somebody else).


'Al mi' seems superfluous here, isn't it? Is it necessary in Esperanto?


Why isn't this "por ial..."?


"kial" = why, for which reason? "tial" = for that reason; "ial" = for some reason.

They have the "for" already built into them, because they are formed on the pattern "for ... reason".


Ah, I forgot that kialo is "reason" -- so if I wanted to say, for example, "I have a reason" it would not be mi havas ial as I was thinking, but rather mi havas kialon. And instead, the correlatives are "for some reason" (ial), "for no reason" (nenial), "for every reason" (ĉial).


Why not mia instead of mi?


I can see needing to say "Mi dolaris al mi" since I could also hurt someone else (for example "Mi dolaris mian patrinon.") But how can my head hurt anyone but myself?


Why isn't doloriĝi a word? It seems like it could me the same as "doloras al mi". Mia kapo ial doloriĝas nur matene.


Why is al mi mandatory here? Is Mia kapo ial doloras nur matene really wrong?


Is the placement of ial a good reason for not accepting an answer. Why not ial matene at the end?


Why isnt "la kapo ial doloras al mi nur matene" acceptabls?

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