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"Of course they have useful tools for the garden."

Translation:Kompreneble ili havas utilajn ilojn por la ĝardeno.

September 9, 2015



How is "Ili kompreneble havas utilajn ilojn por la ĝardeno." different?


This is a bit of a tongue twister.


I'm not 100% sure what would be the English translation of "ilojn utilajn por la ĝardeno". Is it a case where the adjective comes after the noun? "Tools useful for the garden"?


The adjective would usually go before the noun in the English translation - "Useful tools for the garden" - regardless of where the adjective is in the Esperanto sentence. "Tools [that are] useful for the garden" would still be understood in English, and it's technically correct, but it's an unusual way of saying it. If you want to sound 100% natural then put the adjective first in this case.

Hope that helps :)

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