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  5. "En appelsin er en frukt."

"En appelsin er en frukt."

Translation:An orange is a fruit.

September 10, 2015



I am greatly amused that "appelsin" looks/sounds like apple but is an "orange."


the root of appelsin is "apple of china/from China"


It's interesting how it sounds almost exactly the same in Russian.


Yeah. It was confusing for the first time


My mnemonic for this is, They are as different as apples and oranges."

I always thought that should be, "They are as different as apples and horses," because apples and oranges have many similarities. Both are fruit. We eat them. They grow on trees. The differences seem few, we serve apple sauce with pork and orange sauce with duck, until you learn there are languages where the word for apple is similar to the word for orange.


Is there a difference in the pronunciation of the first syllable of frokost and the word frukt?


there is more "u" in frukt...try listening to the sound files at http://lexin.udir.no/ -> Bokmålsordbok->enter search word ->søk->click speaker icon next to word you want to hear


Is it the only fruit?

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