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September 10, 2015

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Why not रोगियों?


'रोगियों' word in Oblique case. Normal when unless specified, the words are made plural according Nominative cases.


What is oblique case and what is nominative case?


Nouns and pronouns are in one of the lies in one of cases. In theory, There are eight cases, in Hindi. But spelling changes only for Oblique case. Nominative cases are normal naming. The words which are Subject are in Nominative case. And Oblique case occurs when noun or pronoun. Oblique case form are used before following 'से', 'के लिए', 'को'

Take example of boy.= लड़का लड़के लड़कों

Simple nominative case sentences will be like this. 1) Singular:- यह एक लड़का है। 2) Plural: ये लड़के हैं।

Oblique Case sentences. with using particle 'को'
1) Singular:- यह उस लड़के को दो। 2) Plural: यह उन लड़कों को दो।

You can find more details here: Nouns in oblique case

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