Translation:The reindeer

September 10, 2015



How come it's pronounced in the TTS like Re-en-en?


That's just what a long Swedish "e" sounds like


Its like when people aren't lazy saying Greta Thunberg -- it sounds like Gre-a-ta


Sound fine to me. Sometimes there are hiccups with the audio.


So is that just how it's supposed to sound? I'm pronouncing it like Ren(like Renae)-en and the TTS for me sounds like it's saying Ray-an-en or Ray-en-en. Just started Swedish 9 days ago so I'm not too good with pronunciation.


Sounds like you are hearing an incorrect version, but since it sounds fine to me, it's propably a temporary/local clitch in the audio on your end.

The first e is long, though, and stressed and there's a bit of intonation, so it's also possible that you've learned to hear the difference between the two e-sounds in the word but your mind is exaggerating and misinterpreting it for the moment. The thing is called pitch accent.

Here's a similar word (couldn't find renen in forvo) http://fi.forvo.com/search/benen/sv/ Here's ren for comparison http://fi.forvo.com/search/ren/sv/ (couldn't find benen either…) You can hear that the vowel is pretty much the same, but the prosody (intonation, stress etc. are different). Here's a good video explaning pitch accent in swedish https://youtu.be/lXp7_Sjgm34


chirelchirel is right in everything, I just wanted to chime in to say that I hear it as "re-e-nen" as well. Maybe we get the same audio glitch. There's definitely not supposed to be an extra infix in there.


It's not a glitch at all. When 'e' is stressed in Swedish, it sounds a bit like like 'ee-eh', not just the usual 'e' as in 'ett'.


It's been fixed now, but it used to sound like three separate syllables: first a "re", then another "e", then "en". I'm a native Swedish speaker so I know how renen is supposed to be pronounced. :) Still, thank you for your reply.


My bad not to have read the time the comment was posted and checking out your native language lol.


...and I hear it as "ré-ah-nahn." I am writing this after the pronunciation was "fixed.' So is this right? "ré-ah-nahn?"


No, and the voice has it right nowadays, so it's been fixed. But I can see why it might sound like that to a non-native.


Sounds like ,,Ryja mam" in polish


Is this somewhat like Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon (Welsh, I know) with an emphasized H?


För Pask i år en ren ren och ett glas glass var vår vår kort kort till dig.


Is it exactly "the reindeer"? I'm asking because "the deer" was not accepted


Yes, a deer is a hjort in Swedish, or a hjortdjur for the family of animals. It's also occasionally translated as rådjur, although that is technically a roe deer in English.


Is it supposed to be pronounced like 'Ree-enen' and not 'Renen'? I've noticed a little glide sound before some 'e' and 'a' sounds too.


The pronuncation - at least the one at normal speed - is correct now. It used to be incorrect, please refer to the above discussion on that.


I answered "the wren".


It's very similar to the romanian "Ren" which is also reindeer. Also the TTS has a problem :)))


what's the reindeer?


The first R here should be pronounced in light r or heavy R like Dr in Spanish?


rr* in Spanish lol


Reindeer is just ren but turtle is skölpadda lmao


I read all the comments, can only find everyone hearing it say the same thing as I do. Rihannan. I'm commenting on 2021. We can't all ve wrong in what we here, right? What I was hoping to find in the comments was the correct way to say it if what I hear is incorrect. Please help, tack


Idk if it's just me but i find that not many sentences here uses this word. Sometimes I'd like to see less elephant sentences and more reindeers


when will this be practical


Whenever you talk about a reindeer, I'd imagine.


but when will you talk about a reindeer?


Oh, every now and then. Are you one of those people who complain about having to learn words in a language course?


no i just don't care about reindeer


I guess you'll just have to learn to live with that.


Duo doesnt make courses for you only you know many other people probably will use this word when talking about such things as: Christmas, if you own (a) reindeer, talking about Frozen and Frozen2, commicating to Swedish scientists in experiments involving reindeer, seeing a reindeer, or wanting to see/get a reindeer.

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