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"Are any of you going to the park?"

Translation:Herhangi biriniz parka gidiyor mu?

September 10, 2015



I dont understand why we ads "biriniz" ): can someone please analyse this sentence for me?


It is a type of possessive construction - pretty much a literal equivalent to "any of you" in English. Herhangi - any, biriniz - one of you. This is also why the verb is singular - because herhangi is the headword. So while spoken English often uses "are" for this expression, the most correct would be "Is any one (of you) going to the park?"


I tried "senin herhangi" as "any of you". I quickly realized that singular "you" does not make much sense when talking of a subset, but: would "sizin herhangi" be an option?


I think, in my wholly unworthy opinion, it would have to be "sizin herhanginiz" because as well as genitive case you need the possessive suffix as it is YOUR any...but I am not fluent or native and only started learning Turkish like three months ago so this is probably bad advice.


why not "Herhangi biriniz parka gidiyor muSUNUZ ?


Because although "herhangi biriniz" is addressed to the second person, it is itself a third person pronoun. An easy way to understand it would be to replace "herhangi biriniz" by, say, "arkadasiniz" and ask if the final verb would require -sunuz. :)


It's the same in english when you say (Does anyone of you have his book? ) why use Does?

Because we are talking about a singular third person even though you are speaking to all of them


Would Sizin biri(ni?) parka gidiyor mu? have the same meaning? If not, what does it mean (assuming it's correct).


"Sizin biri" is not correct in Turkish. You can however say "sizin biriniz", "sizlerden biri" or "sizlerden birisi". Please note that "sizin biriniz" is less likely to be used, it is not very common.

"Sizlerden birisi parka gidiyor mu?" has the same meaning with the sentence.


Or Sizlerin biri(si?) ?


I think this is also wrong. it can only be "(sizin) biriniz" or "siz(ler)den biri(si)"


I also realised later it's probably slightly different in that it mean one of you rather than any of you


Biriniz, what is it exactly here?


One (bir) of you (-iniz)


What exactly does 'herhangi' mean?


hi ummrak it means "any" :)


Thank u Ozlem :)


How would you say: "Which one of you is going to the park?"


Hanginiz parka gidiyor mu?


I would assume it would be "Hanginiz mi parka gel" but I'm not sure, just trying to think logically based on what I've learnt so far.


Çok zor vallahi


Why gediyor_third person Not gediyorsun _second person


Because the subject is "one (of you)" -- and not "you".


Is it possible to omit "herhangi" here?


In this sentence you must have herhangi because it is part of a construction with biriniz. The literal translation of "herhangi biriniz parka gidiyor mu?" - Is any one of you going to the park? vs. "Kimse parka gidiyor mu?" - Is anyone/someone going to the park? The first question is about one or more members of a group of people you are asking, the second is a question about no one in particular. It is harder to see the difference in English because of the similarity between the pronoun "anyone" and the construction "any one (of x)."


i think it depends how you're asking. herhangi : any + biriniz : of you maybe possible with "sizden birisi" : "one from/of you"


Is it possible to omit "herhangi" here?


what is the meaning of biriniz


"one of you".


"Sizden biri" = "Herhangi biriniz", I think.


Hic biriniz parka gidiyormusunuz? Basically, I have the same question as EhabMohey92 has asked.


Why is it: gidiyor MU? I thought 'herhangi' is like 'kim' or 'nerede', so you wouldn't need MU. Herhangi biriniz açıklayabilir mi? (is that question also good Turkish?)


I'll take a crack at the parts I can address. It needs mu because it is a (yes/no) question. Without mu, it is a statement that any of you are going to the park.

It's mu and not musunuz (which tripped me up) because "herhangi biriniz" is a singular subject believe it or not.


I said "sizin herhangi biriniz parka gidiyor mu?" and is was marked wrong. Can anyone tell me why i cannot add sizin?


Because "herhangi biriniz" isn't genitive.


and what is it?


What it "is" what? I don't understand what you are asking.

Sizin is a genitive construction meaning it is possessive. The English sentence being translated is not genitive. If I try to work backwards your translation seems to me to be "Are your any of you going to the park."

I agree that biriniz looks like it has the possessive suffix indicating a genitive construction. But Turkish doesn't seem to think it is genitive. I got confused on this because I couldn't understand why it was mu and not musunuz. I believe this is the same thing - if sizin was correct then musunuz would be correct too, and it wasn't. The trick, if I am understanding it is that "herhengi biriniz" just isn't (or isn't treated as) a second person subject. It is treated as a third person (singular too I think) subject.

But this whole lesson is super confusing and not well explained.


If the ending -niz at biriniz is not possessiv, what case is it then? I actually think it is possessive (see for example also the comment of natemarz)...

If it is possessive it wouldn't have to be -musunuz either because the "anyone / herhangi biri" is the subject" and that 3rd person singular. So it would still make sense that it's "mu", even though I use the possessive form. For example "Is your cat eating / Is the cat of you eating?" "Sizin kediniz yiyor mu?"


Does "Herhangi biriniz parka gidyor mu" also translate to "Is anyone going to the park"?


Why we dont use "Musunuz" ??


See some of the other comments. The subject is technically third person, because it is not "you", but "any". It doesn't matter if it is "any of you", "any of us" or "any of them".


Muchas Gracias


I put "hiç" for "herhangı". What was the difference again? After all, both can translate to "any".


"Sizlerden biri parka gidiyor mu?" Cevabı neden ķabul edilmiyor? Ya da, "Sizlerden biri parka gidiyor mu?" Denmek istense nasıl demeli?


Why "Herhangi biriniz parka gidiyor musunuz?" is wrong?

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