Skype group!

We have just created a Skype group to chat in Norwegian.

We can text-chat whenever, and also hopefully will organise some voice-chats soon once we have a few more members and have worked out all our timezones!

Comment with your Skype username if you want to be added :)

Folk med norsk som morsmål er hjertelig invitert i gruppa, hvis dere vil hjelpe oss av og til med å øve norsken vår <3

September 10, 2015


This is excellent. I'm not far enough into the Norwegian course to join yet, but I will do soon.

We've also been having conversations in English about Norwegian life and culture :o

My username is "noremacdnalwor2"

Sounds fun! My username is erca517. (no, that's not a typo, I embrace my inner erca)

What's an Erca? :D

It's a dorkier version of myself :P

[deactivated user]

    I'm not on skype super often (typically only when skyping with international friends & for my Norwegian lessons funnily enough) but I'll gladly scope it out if I'm around! qber05 is the username :)

    my username is "ariinsd" ! would love to join :)

    My skype name is nikolaynikolovgb. I'd love to join ^^

    Jeg vill gjerne prate med dere.Min brukenavne er: predrag.1975.

    Hello! Please add me gvanblerk

    My Skype name is knorretje1804

    I'm added o skyoe by someone, but still not in a group?

    Add neosobo too. Pft.

    I´ll open a skype acount! to be added.... Any norwegian music or films you can recomend?

    Start here but yes, that is a topic of conversation that comes up quite a bit too!

    my skype user id is dianamoralescastellanos please add me to the group.

    I want to join! my username is mlsseemelis :)

    legge meg: borovskwicz

    This is great ! i'm a beginner yet but i would try it :) username:erik.tmedesign

    my username is trickp2

    brent_plr This great! I cant wait

    Hei Brent, search these forums for the new group which is on Discord now. Skype has become a thing of the past..

    hi my username is "shilanik" please add me

    What's your Skype username? You're into Turkish and I'm a native speaker, p.s. I'm gonna learn Norwegian. I can add you lol

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