"Det er et jordbær."

Translation:It's a strawberry.

September 10, 2015

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Having only seen "det" so far in this course, I assumed it was translated as "this" vs "that". How would you say "This is a strawberry?" Should "this" be accepted here?


This translates to "Dette". This is a strawberry = "Dette er et jordbær" (holding it up, touching). That is a strawberry = "Det der er et jordbær" (pointing, "det der" sort of means that there). "Det er et jordbær" has a neutral meaning, it's a strawberry.


I hear "De er et jordbær" every time. Is there a way to tell "det" and "de" apart that will come with practice, or do they sound the same? And if they sound the same, then on a type what you hear exercise, should "De er et jordbær" be accepted? After all, with some of Duo's sentences, it's perfectly reasonable....


The T of "det" is always silent, it should sound like [deh]. Whilst "de" is pronounced like [dee].


Thank you! I guessed there was probably something I was missing, and there was! :-)


What is the difference between 'en' and 'et' ?


en is the indefinite article for masculine nouns.
et is the indefinite article for neuter nouns.

Feminine nouns may use either ei or en.


"De" & "Det" sound the same. It's difficult to define the difference at once..:)


Not quite the same. "det" should sound like [deh] and "de" should sound like [dee]. It might take you a little to get used to it, but you'll learn to tell the difference fairly quickly. :-)


Ok. I understud. I'll try to listen to their sound more carefully. It seems there's not another way.. :-) Thank you! Takk så mye! :-)


I have to admit that it would be entirely possible to have "De er et jordbær" on Duolingo, even if extremely unlikely in real life. :-D So yes, you just need to train your ears. :-) Bare hyggelig!


I don't have a dipthong on my keyboard and keep being marked incorrect for my spelling.


If you're having trouble with the letter "æ", you have a few options.

If you're on a mobile device, you can...

  • Try to hold down "a", and see if "æ" appears as an option.
  • Install an international keyboard.
  • Install a Norwegian keyboard.

If you're on a computer, you can...

  • Click the letters provided to you below the input field.
  • Install a Norwegian or international keyboard.
  • Learn the ALT-codes for the Norwegian characters.


The dipthong is below where you type your answer. You just click it. Maybe you need to update Adobe or something if it is not showing up on your screen.


On windows: Alt+0198 = Æ | Alt+0230 = æ. On Apple: alt/option+' " = æ alt/option+shift+' " = Æ.


I made a mistake. I wrote de er det jordbaer. I should have written det er et jordbaer but it didn't corrected me


i need help why does et mean a

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