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  5. "Outside the sun is shining."

"Outside the sun is shining."

Translation:Ekstere la suno brilas.

September 10, 2015



Mi tajpas ĉi tiun dum neĝventego. :/


Must 'ekstere' be in front of 'la suno brilas'? Or does the meaning change if I put it at the back?


No, the only thing you have to have in order is suno immediately after la.


What's the rule for combining words? For example, if I wanted to say sunshine, is than suna brilo, sunobrilo, or sunbrilo?


It would be sunbrilo.

Putting the o in or not (sunobrilo) doesn't change the meaning but would be done if the result was easier to pronounce.

"Suna brilo" would be shine that is sunny.

You might be at the point where you would enjoy reading Being Colloquial in Esperanto cover to cover. This will answer all sorts of questions that you seem to be asking. There's also a version on line.

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