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  5. "Gazete okuruz."

"Gazete okuruz."

Translation:We read newspapers.

September 10, 2015



we read newspaper, why doesn't work ?


Guys hi. Somebody understand how to see the difference between plural and singular? Why gazete it is newspaperS?


bir türk olarak yanlış buluyorum


"We read a newspaper," was accepted as 1 of 2 correct answers. Translation: "We read newspapers": Second correct answer.


"Gazete okuruz." She is definitely saying "Okur" which is not a word option. I chose "okuruz." One means read, other means reading. Contributors please confirm.


Merhaba , burada "We read newspapers" da doğru olması gerekmez mi? Çünkü gazeteyi okuruz ya da bir gazete okuruz dememiş.


Both "we read newspapers" and "We read a newspaper" are accepted and are valid translations :)


Again with the word "the". I put "We read the newspaper" because duolingo always marks my answers wrong if I leave out the word "the", but this time it marked it wrong BECAUSE of the "the". Someone please explain when it needs to be used and when not


Merhaba istikalmarsi. "Gazete okuruz." Translation: We read newspapers. Do not grieve my friend. I always get this wrong too. "Okuruz," means read. So "Gazete okuruz," is not THE definite as a specific newspaper being read. "Okurlar." When the verb is a conjugated plural: "Okurlar." Then you would use THE definite when translating to English. "We read THE newspaper." Teşekkürler.

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