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How to take English courses?

Hey there I am practicing french right now and it is really working fine with me Now I know a lot of words and my grammar much got better I was just wondering if I can take some courses in English as well I can speak English good but I wanna learn more I searched a lot but I didn't find anything Of course it was available but not for my mother toungue I was hoping I can learn English with English Can anyone help me out or tell me why they didn't make such courses?

October 31, 2013

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English from English is not available yet. For now you can learn english from french, italian, spanish, portugeese and possibly german. Since you are studying french, maybe you could take the english from french course together with the french from english, to work on both languages at the same time. To do this go to the language and select other, then in the menu choose the I know french I am learning english option. Then you will have to switch from one to the other course the same way.

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