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"Livre de recettes"

January 3, 2013



Why is it "Livre de recettes" and not "Livre des recettes"?


"Livre des recettes" suggests specific recipes, like "(le) livre des recettes de ma grand-mère". Here it is about a book containing unspecified recipes. You will also have: "un livre de comptes", "un livre de mathématiques"...


found it interesting that in english is just recipe book, can't it be recipes book? got it wrong


It might be technically correct to use it that way but no mainstream English speaker would use anything but recipe book.


When I hovered over the new word "recettes", it said it meant "formulas", with no mention of the word recipe. When I tried writing "Book of formulas", I was incorrect.


The exact same thing happened to me. Completely unfair to be marked as wrong on that.


If you click on the little down arrow ( v ) it shows you the alternate translations, and this includes "recipes." Within the context of all the food that is used as examples on duolingo, I would only assume this should be translated as "recipe book."


Dictionary.com gives receipt as the primary definition of recette (which is the usage that I am familiar with because of the commercial context within which I see it). Then recipe followed by formula.

Google Translate graphs recipe as the most common usage followed by receipt. Formula doesn't show up on their scale. I assume that Google only references internet usage. Considering all the digitized books, magazines, web sites etc. that they process that would be pretty extensive.


I'm wondering why no article in front livre. In English that would be common but I thought in French nouns with out an accompanying article were a no-no.


Usually, when there is no article, it is a title (in newspaper, on a poster, on a label, etc). In this case, it can actually be the title of the book.


Makes sense. Thank you.


Who cares if I spell it wrong-it should know that i made a typo ~:(


It very much depends on the nature of the typo. If it changes the meaning of the sentence or makes it grammatically wrong, then you will loose a heart.


I like that it marks us down. Gets us in the habit of being more accurate and paying attention. We should practice for the perfection that we'll never achieve. :)


Why is it livre de resettes? the de isn`t plural!!


Please see above comment from Sitesurf which addresses this specific issue.

Des is plural when used as some.

Des is also used as a contraction of de les when referring to of the/ de les.

De is used when referring to of .

The sentence refers to recipes in general book of recipes.

Thus Livre de recettes is literally book of recipes or more commonly in English recipe book .

This sentence does not refer to particular recipes known to the writer and the reader book of the recipes. If it did it would be livre des recettes.

And clearly it does not mean book some recipes which is what it would mean if you use des as having to be plural because it is the plural indefinite article as you would want it to be.

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