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  5. "Eles perguntaram o meu nome."

"Eles perguntaram o meu nome."

Translation:They asked my name.

October 31, 2013



why didn't it accept 'they asked for my name'?


Asking "something" and asking "for something" are different things :)


It seems there are many people here in this Verbs lesson who are confused about how to use "ask". But I am native in English and I second you 100%. I hope those non-natives can take a correction and advice the way I take corrections/advice from them!


We ask [someone] a question. (perguntar)

• I asked [Joe] where he was going.
• I asked what time it was.

We ask for something. (pedir)

• I asked for more time to finish the exam.
• I asked for a sandwich at the café.



That would be "eles perguntaram por meu nome".


thought so too, just wondered because I think I would always say 'for my name' but maybe that's just me!


No, you are entirely correct! You need the "for", if you are requesting the name of a person. If you (illogically) ask the name itself a question, you would leave out the "for".

I don't know what difference there is between "o meu nome" and "por meu nome", but in English if you omit the "for", you are not asking the person, but the name, rendering such a question incorrect.

Example: "I didn't ask your neighbour" = I didn't give the neighbour a question. "I didn't ask FOR your neighbour" = I didn't tell someone to go and fetch me the neighbour.

By the way, "asked for" is accepted now!


It is accepted now


Why couldn't it read: They asked him my name? The hint said "o" = "him"


It is true that "o" can mean "him" (or "it") but it can't be used after a verb without being tagged on using a hyphen ("Visitei-o" is "I visited him") and it usually appears before the verb ("Eu o visitei"). Here "o meu" means "my" and the "o" is optional in Brazilian Portuguese.


Its ok , Portuguese as in spanish some sentences have complete meaning in few words . we do not need the ! for ,


Is there a reason we use the article " the " here? I am so confused as to when to include it! Would " eles perguntaram meu nome " be acceptable?


Hi Caydence626826. Your sentence, 'eles perguntaram meu nome' is correct. The use of 'o' is optional in Brazilian Portuguese.


Im still having some trouble with the articles. Why is it "o meu" and not just "meu"?


When it works as possessive adjectives, the article is opitional. So here you can use both! =)


Can we use( pedir) instead of (perguntar)


"Pedir" is also for "To ask for something". Perguntar = to ask a question


Could you give me examples please I'm still confused


Both perdir and perguntar have noun forms. This is an easy way to remember the difference in the two words.

Pedir - to order, request

Um Perdido - an order ( as in an order in a restaurant or an online order)

Eu vou pedir a comida pelo telefone.

I'm going to order food over the phone.

Eu vou ao restaurante para pegar nosso pedido.

I'm going to the restaurant to get our order.

Perguntar - to ask (for information)

Uma Pergunta - a question

Posso perguntar quando essa igreja foi construída?

Can I ask when this church was built?

Alguém tem uma pergunta?

Does anyone have a question.

Eu posso fazer* uma pergunta?

Can I ask (fazer) a question?

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