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Duolingo Progress Wall in my classroom

I would love to create a Duolingo Progress Wall in my classroom where all of the "badges" are displayed on the top of the chart and along the left side of the chart I would love to have all my students' names. They would then put starts of check off badges as they completed them. Similar to oneof the classroom progress views on the computer. I just want it to be on the wall as constant proof of progress and reminder to practice Duoling more. Can Duolingo help to supply thes badge icons or has anyone already created something of the like? THANK YOU!!!!

September 10, 2015



I would also love to do the same!!


Thanks for the idea! If he badge icons were available I would do the same. A good way of reminding the students to practice Duolingo.


Hi! What badges are you referring to? The skill icons? That is a cool idea, and we do not yet provide skill icon "kits" but if it is something many would find helpful, it might be worth considering. I'd love to see someone do a prototype of such wall to give us some ideas! :D


Yes, the skill icons. I'm thinking of something basically like the overview of students progress, just paper version. I'd make something like a grid on my classroom's pinboard - pin the icons on the my classrooms pinboard in the top row from left to right and the students names on separate sheets of paper in the leftmost column from top to bottom. Each student could then have a personalised pin to put into the column of the skill he has currently mastered or is busy studying. This would be a constant reminder to continue practising with duolingo. If I understand asimonson correctly this is also what she has in mind. Thanks for looking into it!


I have a whiteboard in the window next to my classroom door where I list the XP leaders for each class each week.



There is already a teacher doing this (https://www.duolingo.com/ldunn288) and it looks fantastic. Here's his post:



I saw the post from ldunn and loved the chart, but we are trying to put together a visual for classes with the "icons" that they see on Duolingo. It would be great if we could get stickers or even have a way to reproduce the icons. We could then create our own classroom leaderboards.

Would the Duolingo store have these stickers?

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