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  5. "Ela tenta ver Pedro."

"Ela tenta ver Pedro."

Translation:She tries to see Pedro.

September 10, 2015



So Mary gets translated from Maria but Peter doesn't work for Pedro? Ridiculous!


Report it (and make sure you remember the Portuguese names anyway - that's the language you're learning, after all).


Well that's why I originally left Maria as Maria, and it accepted it, but with the correction (Mary). So I figured they wanted us to translate the names... I guess not all of them. I will stick to just using the original name.


No, feel free to report it - we're generally on the fence about it, but leaning towards accepting and gradually adding English names to the database. I still think it's better for people to learn Portuguese names, but that confusion shouldn't hurt the students.

Thank you in advance, and good luck with your studies :)


I think we don't translate people's names.


Could Maria be a historical Mary (maybe queen of scots) who is called Maria in Portuguese?


is she tries to "look at" pedro right? (I put that and got it wrong)


Ela tenta olhar para (o) Pedro.


For clarification:

Does this sentence mean she's trying to see Pedro as in look at / view or is it more along the lines of visiting like when you go to see someone?

The English translation can mean either. Is it the same in Portuguese?

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