"You read a book and I read the newspaper."

Translation:Tu leggi un libro ed io leggo il giornale.

January 3, 2013

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I did a quick google and came up with this. This rule comes from avoidance of cacophony because "ed" sounds better preceding a word that begins with an "e" most of the time; however, it appears that either can work one just sounds better.



Thanks for doing the research. That makes it clear.


I failed this lesson the last time becausr I chose both as correct, now I choose only the one and it says I missed the other one. ---.---


Maybe they've fixed it now becuase I selected both and it accepted my answer.


Duolingo staff: Please explain the proper use of e and ed for all of us confused Italian students. Thank you.


The duolingo explaination for "e" vs. "ed" says both are right and it's a matter of preference, but that you should prefer to avoid cacophony, so don't say 'e io', you should say "ed io". HOWEVER, the question here says 'mark all correct translations' and if you mark both 'e' and 'ed' you get the correct answer :)

Good luck, I know sometimes these little rules are tricky, and the computer interpretation of your answers can be a little off at times. Be patient and keep trodding forward!


Oh, come on, Duolingo, this is just getting annoying now.


Is the sentence with "e io" correct as claimed?


Contrary to the masses, I don't have any sort of problem with this rule. What's so difficult about this?


I don't think it's difficult so much as Duolingo keeps saying people are wrong for choosing both, and then wrong for choosing only one the next time. It hasn't happened to me yet though.


When do I use "ed" and "e"?


So you use "ed" for when there is an "i" after?


I think that only the first one sentence is correct, I have reported the problem but as far as I can't what the problem really is i do it here. The third one isn't correct because if the next sentence starts with a vowel you have to use "ed" instead of "e", don't you?


Only 'ed io' should be correct according to the explanation of 'e' and 'ed' in this exercise. In this exercise there is a question with 'e lei' and 'ed lei', where 'e lei' is the only correct answer.


ED is optional, and only with another vowel, to avoid cacophony. E is never wrong!

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    well isn't this a stupid catch.


    Doesn't it make a difference if "ed" for "e" in used in speech or in writing? How can there be cacophony in written Italian? Which is Duolingo assuming is the case: are we speaking here or just writing? We shouldn't have to stumble over unnecessary and confusing distinctions.


    Ugh...non piaco. I keep failing these questions on the app because I can't read the entirety of the option on this phone...I knew the answer was giornale, but it cuts off with all three saying "tu leggi un libro ed..." the rest is cut off so i have to guess which one has the correct completion.


    Would the sentence still be correct if you leave the words tu and io out ? I would think so ?

    Leggi un libro e leggo il giornale

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