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  5. "Kiu speco de besto ĝi estas?"

"Kiu speco de besto ĝi estas?"

Translation:What kind of animal is it?

September 10, 2015



Woudn't "kia" be more suited for this use?


Perhaps, but the actual translation of the sentence as given is Which species of animal is it. If you used kia it may be more appropriate to leave the word speco out.

Good question, though.


What species of animal is it? Or does it need to be kind?


Speco just means 'kind'. So while the name of a particular species would be an appropriate answer to this question, so would something more vague. For instance, you could certainly reply 'it's a gorilla', but you could also say 'it's some kind of primate', or 'it's a mammal', etc.

The word for 'species' is specio. (And the i in that word is not an affix, it's just part of the root.)


Abigail is correct. Check definition 3 in PIV.

(Or Reta Vortaro if you prefer - http://www.reta-vortaro.de/revo/art/spec.html )


Rigardu! La urso revenis!

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