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"Itheann torthaí go coitianta."

Translation:He eats fruit in general.

September 10, 2015



I put "He in general eats fruits." Does the word order in the translation really matter, or is this just an example of how sophisticated the program that runs Duo is (or is not)?


Is this substantively different from, "He eats fruits generally?"


This one would perhaps be more literally translated as "He (habitually) eats fruit commonly", with go coitianta being the adjective form of coitianta, 'common'. But I do say it's roughly the same meaning.


why would "he usually eats fruit" not be accepted - - it is the concept that I am getting at and not a literal translation.


I’m not going to testify to this, but it seems like the “in general” term modifies “fruit”. That would mean that he eats basically all kinds of fruit.

In your example, “usually” modifies the verb “eats”. That means that he habitually or constantly eats fruit.

The other “hint” to me is that this is a section on adjectives (so “in general” works), and not on adverbs (“usually” would work for that).


I would say that this more accurately translates to 'He usually eats fruit'


Why is "It eats fruit generally." not accepted?"


I remember "go hiondúil" for "in general" this just a dialect thing or is there a subtlety I'm missing?


I thought cointanta meant regurally?


I tried 'He eats fruit usually', but it wasn't accepted.

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