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"Hvilket lægemiddel tager du imod smerten?"

Translation:What drug do you take for the pain?

September 11, 2015



Which medication do you take for the pain is a better translation. Just sayin:)


'imod' and not 'for/til'?


That's what I thought too


I think the idea is that the medicine is to counter the pain i.e. is against it. But I'm not a Danish speaker so that's just an idea.


It works pretty the same way in Russian: таблетка против/от головной боли — a pill against/from headache.


As we get further and further down this course, the duo translations are getting ever farther from the literal. Now I know that is what good translation is all about, but this is about teaching/learning new words and phrases, which is really difficult when liberties are being taken so freely. Or is it just me struggling with this?


NO! I completely agree. I have been complaining about this for some time. Worse the prompts do not even give imod as an option and they should. I understand this is a limited program, but these liberties are very confusing for a non Danish speaker, who is trying to not only learn but understand. I have been very frustrated by this. These issues really should be addressed and improved upon.


according to my danish bf, the word lægemiddel is never used. just use the word 'medicin' :)


Which drug.... sound better to me in English.


I agree 'which' drug is better


All of them.


The audio is terrible. The intonation is wrong.

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