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Finish the lesson and return to home screen. No points!

I am using IE9, and after I finish a Spanish lesson on Duolingo, it returns straight to the home screen without awarding me points. Has anyone seen this problem?

October 31, 2013



I've had this same problem several times with various French lessons. I use Chrome. After I finish the last question of a lesson, it will take ages loading. Something seems to time out, it goes back to the home screen and doesn't register that I finished the lesson. Very annoying!


I also have this problem. Yesterday, when I took the German placement test (twice) I was returned to the home screen without any report. After both attempts, the home screen still displayed the option to start with the basics or take a placement test.

Then I took the first basic German lesson. Upon completion of the lesson, I was returned to the home screen with no coins/points/recognition of the fact that I completed the lesson.

Unfortunately, because the system is not registering that I have done anything I cannot advance.

Technical Information: Browser: IE9 OS: Windows Vista


I have the same problem too! I just started the lessons a few weeks ago, and I haven't advanced in any of the courses; I'm still on the first basic lesson for each one. It's so annoying! I use Chrome 11.


I have same problem. How can I solve that? I use Chrome


My problem is time not sync. Tks

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