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  5. "Hva spiser barna mine?"

"Hva spiser barna mine?"

Translation:What are my children eating?

September 11, 2015



What eats my children is definitly wrong. !!!!!


Based on the semantics, that's the more unlikely interpretation. Deliciae says below:

It depends on whether you treat "hva" or "barna" as the subject. Of course, most would assume the latter, unless there was a whole lot of context indicating otherwise.

However, based on the syntax, "What is eating my children" might be the natural interpretation!

A friend of mine puts it this way:

So if you're asking "What ate the cat?" the first example below is natural, but to say "What did the cat eat?" you'll wanna use a presentational RC where the possessive is left behind:

  1. Hva spiste katten? = what ate the cat
  2. Hva var det som spiste katten? = what did the cat eat


"Hva spiser barna mine?"

He should probably know that. He might end up like Juan from the Spanish course, reporting on the girl eating rice.

"What's she eating now?"

"Rice! Just rice!"

"I don't think that's healthy."

"Well, it contains lots of nutrients, like...rice. Rice is healthy."

"Rice isn't a nutrient, Juan."



Oh, the small LEGO pieces and other assorted choking hazards? Yeah, nothing to worry about!


I heard 'Hva spiser barnet mine?'. The translation was 'Hva spiser barna mine?'. I suppose my translation, to be correct, I would have heard 'Hva spiser barnet mitt?' What throws me is the pronunciation of barna and barnet. Are they pronounced differently?


There is supposed to be a difference between the e-sound and the a-sound at the end of 'barnet' and 'barna'. I think you'll have to teach yourself to recognize this difference.

"Hva spiser barnet mitt" would've been correct, if the word had been 'barnet'.


Ok, so how is "what is eating my children" an acceptable alternative to "what are my children eating"??


It depends on whether you treat "hva" or "barna" as the subject. Of course, most would assume the latter, unless there was a whole lot of context indicating otherwise.


I am having SUCH a hard time trying to hear the difference between "barna" and "barnet." GRR!!


After all this time, it's still hard to tell the difference between barnet and barna when they're separate from each other...


Either the children are upset by something OR there is an unidentified creature lunching on the children...


"What eats my children" is another translation, which is creepy.


I said what is eating my children and it was correct haha


Omg cannibalism in here! We should report that! someone call 911


Well, then it would be "hvem spiser barna mine?".

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