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  5. "Це не мої овочі."

"Це не мої овочі."

Translation:These are not my vegetables.

September 11, 2015



Just a quick question. As children taught by their parents to speak Ukrainian in Canada, the word 'овочі' meant 'fruits' in Ukrainian & 'ярина' meant 'vegetables'. Since when did 'fruits' become 'vegetables'? I noticed that change with the third wave of Ukrainian immigrants. It would get confusing at times. Any suggestions?


I just learned this today and was very excited :)

Here is how "fruit" sounds in European languages:

I would guess in Ukrainian we used to use the "ovoc" root for fruit before, but then switched to "fruit" under the influence from the west or from Russia.


I was taught овочі for fruit and городина for vegetables. My grandparents and great grandparents came to the USA from Western Ukraine in the 1940s. Diaspora ukrainian is not always the same as contemporary ukrainian, which is not to say that the words we learned are wrong. Interestingly овочі sounds like fruit in polish, whereas фрукти sounds like fruit in russian.


Canadian Ukrainian isn't exactly the same as regular Ukrainian, it is a kind of dialect.


Shouldn't Ці be the correct form since the subject is plural?


These vegetables. = Ці овочі
These are vegetables. = Це овочі


These aren't the vegetables you're looking for.


Why is it "моя картопля" (potatoes are uncountable) but "мої овочі". Are my vegetables not uncountable just like my potatoes?

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