"Kiam tiu universitato fondiĝis?"

Translation:When was that university founded?

September 11, 2015

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Ĉu estas iu diferenco inter "fondiĝi" kaj "esti fondita"?



Possibly you want to know the difference between "fondiĝis" kaj "esti fondita"...

vikungen answered: No difference.


Is it wrong to say: "When was founded that university?"? or "When that university was founded?"? Is the order of words so important?


As questions, both of those would be improper English. English heavily uses SVO word order.

For "When that university was founded", this could be a correct part of a sentence referring to the time such as "When that university was founded, I was 11 years old." Or "Do you know when that university was founded?"

To use only the original words it should be "When was that university founded?" Or even "That university was founded when?" Although the latter example is a way to put extra emphasis on the word "when".

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