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AMA with Evildea tonight!

Hey everyone, just a reminder that we will have an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with the famous Esperanto YouTuber Evildea on the Duolingo forum tonight! (Sep 11 NYC: 7pm, Los Angeles: 4pm, London: midnight ... Sydney: Sep 12: 9am)

I plan to open the thread a bit earlier, so Europeans can also ask questions, but he'll start answering at the scheduled time. Also, he said that if he reaches 1500 subscribers before the AMA starts, he'll eat a pack of Wasabi. He's currently at 1214, so you all have your work cut out for you! :-D

Note: do not ask questions here... this is just a reminder!

September 11, 2015



I would watch it if it hadn't been for the fact that that time will be an hour past midnight for me. Will there be any way to watch it afterwards. If so, that would be great!


It's nothing to watch, but a forum thread. You can even already ask questions now and read his answers when you wake up: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10468656 :)


Thank you ever so much.

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